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      Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development Phase 1

      The Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development, comprising Phase 1 and Phase 2, is an iconic mixed-use development measuring over 8.4 million square feet in gross floor area with retail, office and residence components.

      Featuring an iconic design and fronting the famous Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, the development is sited on six prime plots of land, three plots for each of Phase 1 and Phase 2. Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development is poised to become the premier ‘live, work and play’ waterfront destination in Beijing.

      Located in the South East of Beijing in the prime Tongzhou District, the integrated development is situated close to the new Beijing Municipal Government Administrative Centre.

      Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development is approximately 23 km from Beijing's city centre, 16 km from the Beijing Capital International Airport, and 9 km from the US$3.3 billion Universal Studios Beijing, which will be one of the largest theme parks in China.

      The integrated development will enjoy direct connectivity via a basement linkway to the future Tongyunmen Subway Interchange Station served by Subway Line M6, connecting Tongzhou District to the Beijing city centre, and the future Line S6, which is expected to link the existing Beijing Capital International Airport to the new Beijing Daxing International Airport.

      The development is also well-poised to capitalise on the growth in the vibrant precinct being only about three subway stations (Haojiafu Station) from the new Beijing Tongzhou Administrative Centre. In addition, the prime development will be in close proximity to a subway station that will be served by the future R1 subway line, which will link Tongzhou District to Beijing city centre.

      Besides being served by a future bus interchange, the road network in the vicinity of the development is also highly established, with convenient access to major arterial roads and expressways.

      Beijing Tongzhou Integrated Development Phase One and Phase Two are expected to complete in 2023 and 2022 respectively.

      Property1 Information

      Location Plots 13, 14-1 and 14-2, Junction of Dongguan Avenue and Xinhua Avenue, Tongzhou District, Beijing
      Description2 Retail Podium: 8 levels
      (6 levels above ground
      and 2 basement levels)

      Office: 1 51-storey tower
      and 1 24-storey tower

      Residences: 1 41-storey tower

      Car Park: 2 basement levels
      Tenure Commercial: 40 years, expiring on 4 Nov 2052
      Office and Residence: 50 years, expiring on 4 Nov 2062
      Effective Interest
      Approximately 40
      Land Area
      (sq ft)
      Gross Floor Area
      (sq ft)
      Retail: 1,385,837
      Office: 1,281,685
      Residence: 543,038
      Car Park/Others: 1,232,227
      Total: 4,442,786
      Status Target Completion 2023
      1. As all designs are undergoing refinement, the information in this table are subject to change.
      2. Based on current plans and subject to the relevant authorities' approval of the plans.

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