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    Perennial Jihua Mall, Foshan

    Perennial Jihua Mall, Foshan is a prime one-stop suburban mall that is part of an integrated development with 16 high-rise residential towers.

    Located in Foshan's affluent Nanhai District, Perennial Jihua Mall enjoys over 200 metres of main frontage along Jihua Road, one of the key arterial roads in Foshan. The mall is also situated in close proximity to the future Guilan Road Subway Station, which will be served by the new Foshan Subway Line 6. Foshan Subway Line 6 is expected to connect to the Guangzhou Subway Line 5. In addition, the mall is 20 minutes from Guangzhou South Railway Station and 48 minutes via the HSR to Hong Kong.

    Perennial Jihua Mall houses a large supermarket, a 7-screen cineplex with an IMAX screen, well-known fashion retailers such as H&M and Zara, as well as over 150 specialty shops and food and beverage outlets. The mall enjoys the distinction of being the first mall in Foshan to offer shoppers an IMAX theatre, plush corridor carpeting, and a rooftop landscaped garden with a wet and dry playground.

    With an excellent location well-served by a large residential catchment in its immediate precinct, as well as its wide array of family and lifestyle retail offerings, the mall is popular among residents as a shopping, dining and entertainment destination.

    Property Information

    Location No. 45 Guilan South Road, Nanhai District, Foshan, Guangdong Province
    Description Retail Podium: 4 levels

    Car Park: 1 above ground
    and 1 basement level
    Tenure 40 years, expiring on 20 May 2049
    Effective Interest
    Land Area
    (sq ft)
    Gross Floor Area
    (sq ft)
    Net Lettable Area (sq ft) 467,006
    Status Operational
    Anchor/Major Tenants Yonghui Superstore (Supermarket),
    Jinyi Cineplex,
    Inditex Group

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