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      Shanghai RST Chinese Medicine Co. Ltd ("Renshoutang") is one of the most established pioneers in private integrated eldercare in China, successfully integrating eldercare, medical and pharmacy services. It is also the largest private eldercare operator in Shanghai with retirement, nursing and rehabilitation homes, day care centres, pharmacies and traditional chinese medicine ("TCM") clinics.

      Founded in 1994, Renshoutang has a portfolio of 17 eldercare facilities and four pharmacies, each with a dedicated TCM clinic, and all of which are located predominantly in Changning District in Shanghai.

      Renshoutang operates two renowned brands for its eldercare services, namely Yixian Eldercare and Retirement Home for the mass market, and Xiehe Eldercare and Retirement Home for the more affluent.

      Renshoutang also operates pharmacies under a well-known brand in Shanghai, Renshoutang Medicine, which has been awarded the China Time-honoured Brand Award. In addition to serving the general public, the pharmacies supply medicine to Renshoutang's portfolio of eldercare facilities. Physicians at the TCM clinics also provide treatments to the residents at the various homes.

      With an existing portfolio of 5,927 beds, and access to a committed pipeline and potential pipeline of about 9,650 beds and 13,500 beds respectively, Renshoutang is well positioned to be one of the largest eldercare services operators in the affluent and populous Yangtze River Delta Region in the next few years.

      Perennial owns an effective interest of 49.9% in Renshoutang and is its largest single shareholder.

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